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Last Updated: 05/20/2016 @ 14:51
Message: NOTICE: Meta -PR/PFR application was deployed in March 2015 for certain projects. If you are not sure which system to use consult your Project CSO for guidance. Go to to access Meta via the NASA Access Launchpad service; users should select either the Smartcard or Agency User ID authentication option to login from within or outside of the NASA GSFC IT environment. Contact the Meta Help Desk via email ( or phone (301-286-9177) as needed.

Last Updated: 05/15/2017 @ 13:51
Message: NOTICE: Code 700 is in the process of moving all of their applications to another server with upgraded software. The migration for the GPRS application is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, 5/16/2017. This move will start after hours at 5 PM, and there is an approximate 30 minute downtime expected.

Please let us know if there are any concerns with this move that we need to address, or if the timing for the applications move is not agreeable.

Over a project's life cycle, problems of varying degrees of severity and complexity occur. The PR/PFR module is an archiving database tool that systematically records a summary of the problem, its cause, defect corrective action and other relevent data in order to track the status of the identified issue to closure as well as to determine if a pattern of similar occurences can be noted within or across projects. Since the PR/PFR module is dedicated to a project’s life cycle development activities, it is specifically tailored to support that environment.
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For more information on the PR/PFR module see the PR/PFR User Guide.

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